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The world’s best entertainment rental system

Now the most wonderful entertainment rental motorcycle system among foreigners Station Bike
(I wii explain about the entertainment system “Self rental system”)

  1. Booking is done
  2. Instruction manual, key box release number in advance, how to use the parking lot, and the location where the motorcycle is set will be sent by E-mail.
  3. On the day you can get there according to the Google Map.
  4. The key can be taken out of the box with the PIN.
  5. All bikes are equipped with a Smart phone holder , USB power supply , ETC system.
  6. Start as instructed by Google Map.(Customer for Self guide tour)

This allows you to be available 24hours a day, 365days a year.

In addition, you can use the bike without a language handy.
Of course we also provide guidance for depositing luggage.

Our motorcycles line up & Our motorcycles line up

Stock is over 200 units,from 500cc~1800cc

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki,

Harley Davidson(New&slightly only), BMW.

Various type of motorcycle available.

Powerful, tractable, very small, cruiser type, and more.

All of models equipped with a smartphone holder & USB power supply.





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