icon-question-circle   I want to make a reservation and an inquiry.

Please reservation from contact form or please mail to info@bestbike.jp.

icon-question-circle   How many days is it necessary to make a reservation?

In the case of group, we would like it by 2months before.

In the case of a small number of people, 1month before is fine.

In the case of 1-3persons, before 2weeks ok.

icon-question-circle   How does the means of payment?

Please pay within 1week after reservation.

The rest is before 15days of start.

Credit card payment : https://reserve.bestbike.co.jp/paymentForm.html

icon-question-circle   Please tell us about cancellation charges.

 icon-group  Group 1.5months before 30% cancellation charges
 icon-male  Individual 10days before 30% cancellation charges

Group consist of 4persons.

We will refund amount of 70%.

icon-question-circle   How do we borrow it?

Please send us a comment by email. We introduce a possible motorcycle in the area.

icon-question-circle   Where can we borrow ?

Tokyo, Kanagawa, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Shikoku & Kyushu are possible.

icon-question-circle   Can you deliver a motorcycle to these area hotel & drop it off at the hotel?

It is possible but please pay delivery charge & dropping charge in advance.

icon-question-circle   In case we can not come back to the same place we borrowed,can we drop it off somewhere?

It is possible but requires additional charge separately. We talk to the place you drop off.

icon-question-circle   When we are trouble or an accident on the way, what should we do?

In that case,road service insurance is included, we secure both trouble and accident.

When traffic accident take place, notice to the police is necessary by all means.

In addition, you contact us by all means.

icon-question-circle   Does insurance covered with motorcycle?

It coveres maximum amount of insurance, you do not need to worry.

Refer to your indivisual accident (damaged to motorcycle), please pay it takes by your own or by insurance.

icon-question-circle   Is there someone who speak English as tour guide?

Yes, we prepare a tour guide speaking English.

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