Mt Fuji, Kyoto & Mt Koya(Tokyo start) 9days

Mt.Fuji, Mt.Koya & Kyoto 9days tour(Tokyo start).

Mt. Fuji represents Japan

Mt. Fuji represents Japan

Mt.Fuji represents Japan.We are proud of this mountain, the height of the altitude 3776m.

In this tour, starting from Tokyo Hachioji stationing we go to Mt.Fuji first.You will be surprised with Mt.Fuji which is covered with snow & big mountain.After that we will run to Japan Alps.

After Japan Alps we go to Kyoto.

We take a day off in Kyoto.Then head to Koyasan.After a long mountain road, you will arrive at Ise Bay.After going to Cape Irago by ferry,  we will go to theist mountain road, the southern Alps.It is the deepest mountain road in Japan.

Finally,we reach the foot of Fuji.

Again we take a day off.After that, return to the start point of Hachioji and the course ends.

Tour Price

●With Guide & support car(driver)

●Minimum participant : 2 persons

passenger : US$ 2,150

  • 401cc Over
  • US$ 5,000
  • Include Sales Tax
  • Include Insurance

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